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Volunteers Appreciated

 Your time is Valuable!

Volunteering is another way to donate to our organization and the community.

For example:

Two Volunteer hours equals a $20.00 min. contribution

Four Volunteer hours equals a $40.00 min. contribution

Six Volunteer hours equals a $60.00 min. contribution

The more you give of your time, the more opportunities there are to serve of our neighbors trying to make ends meet.

Volunteer Application

Thank you for your interest in volunteering. If you would like more specific information on volunteer opportunities please refer to the section on Volunteer Job Descriptions. The list was constructed to give you a different perspective of how we can enrich your volunteer experience. We appreciate you taking the time to complete the following volunteer …

Volunteering Application

Job Descriptions

The following list reflects the numerous volunteer opportunities available with our organization. We take volunteering seriously and as such we feel it is important for you to know expectations up front. All position specialties are detailed next to each job role title. Please note any position(s) of interest on your volunteer application under “Skills”. Thanks …

Volunteering Descriptions