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Homeless Prevention in the Valley

The term ” homeless” can conjure up images of people on the street because of addictions or mental illness. However, a large part of the homeless population is comprised of individuals and families who experience the misfortune of lost income, or a large financial emergency (car repair/doctor bill) that prevents paying the rent.

If you find yourself in a situation where losing your home/residence is imminent, you can contact one of the agencies listed below to see if you qualify for assistance.


Our Partners in Serving the Valley 




Alaska Family Services 907-746-6273 Palmer
Blood-N-Fire Ministries 907-864-0463 Meadow Lakes
DayBreak, Inc. 907-746-6019 Palmer
Family Promise of Mat-Su 907-357-6160 Wasilla
Salvation Army of Mat-Su 907-745-7099 Palmer
Valley Charities, Inc 907-354-4660 Wasilla
MyHouse 907-373-4357 Wasilla
Wasilla Homeless-Committee 907-521-2949 Wasilla

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